Data Consultation

Not everybody knows exactly how they should be identifying audiences, and even if they do how to reach them.

Screen Moguls  walk you through a three month consultative process of discovery, strategy, explorative execution, measurement and finally scaled revenue driving campaigns.

Data Sourcing & Matching

Whilst Screen Moguls can supply behavioural and attribution data, your journey does not stop there.

Understanding how to source data, match data or build your own first party data is essential .  Not only strategically and operationally but also in accordance with regaulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Identifying Measurement & Attribution

The holy grail of digital marketing is full end-to-end attribution.  Allowing you to know exactly how well  creative, channels ortargeting are working.

Screen Moguls can help you identify where this data can come from, strategies to measure it and how to implement it long term.