At the start of 2018 we realised movie studios had no way to speak directly to consumers.  Cinemas wouldn't tell them who had been to see their movies, and the media channels wouldnt let them see the marketing data.

We created a product that used location data to understand who was going to the cinema, and the ability to know what movie they saw.  When we used this for marketing campaigns we realised we could also tell who went to see their film afterwards.  

Working in partnership with the studios the world's first attribution model was born.  It remains unique to this day as the only source of data able to see all cinema goers, regardless of how they bought their ticket, and most importantly measure attribution across media channels.

Our audiences typically return between $12-16 of box office revenue for every $1 spent.  By the far the best ROI digital marketing available, and theonly one that is truly measurable.

Today almost every movie studio buys our service, and its thanks to them that  Screen Moguls grew to apply this technology to your markets.