The team, based in London and Los Angeles, has a long history in technology innovation and consumer engagement. As individuals, we helped create many of the things you take for granted today. We build products that allow you to take simple, transparent marketing for granted tomorrow.



Firstly, we get you. We are a small business too, and this isn’t our first rodeo. Our founders have individually been through start- up and small businesses for years, so we understand the challenges, pressures and opportunity. 

Secondly we really know what we are doing. 

We started the business in 2018, servicing clients like Disney, M&S, Sony, Universal and Warner Brothers with extremely high end, bespoke targeting, attribution and behavioural analysis services. Our products were so cutting edge that the likes of Google and Facebook didn't even offer them.

But then COVID changed the world, and everything shifted. We saw that the new focus on digital marketing was going to be tough for a lot of small businesses, whether it was a lack of time, knowledge or budget - so we set out to take our background in cutting edge products, and bring that experience to give small businesses, so they would be able to compete on a level playing field. 

And thus, gomarket was born - a platform that gives any businesses - regardless of size - the skills and expertise of a digital marketing team, in an easy to use package. 



Simplifying social media marketing for small businesses

Behavioural Data 

Advanced behavioural data for offline targeting and attribution


Simplifying digital marketing for independent cinemas

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