There’s a major problem with social media marketing. 

It’s complicated, constantly changing, time consuming and can be expensive. Unless you’re an expert, or can hire an expert, it’s overwhelming.But with more consumers online than ever before, it’s also an important part of marketing a business, whether you’re selling to a local community, or selling only online. Social media marketing gives you access to millions of potential new (and returning!) customers at your fingertips, but you have to be able to reach them and that’s the hard part. 

That’s where we come in.



Our goal is to make social media marketing for small businesses simple and accessible for everyone. We’ve spent years building digital marketing tools for some of the biggest companies in the world. Now it’s time to give those tools to everyone - a website that gives any businesses, regardless of their size, the skills and expertise of a social media expert - so small businesses can compete on a level playing field. 

We started the business in 2018, servicing clients like Disney, M&S, Sony, Universal and Warner Brothers with extremely high end, bespoke targeting, attribution and behavioural analysis services. 

But then COVID changed the world, and everything shifted. We saw that digital marketing was going to be tough for a lot of small businesses, whether it was a lack of time, knowledge or budget - so we set out to take our background in cutting edge products, and bring that experience to small businesses.


Owen Geddes

I’m Owen, Co-founder & CEO. My job is to shape the overall direction of the business and have a finger in every pie!

I’m lucky to have been around long enough to help invent the things you take for granted. I built the worlds first web based corporate intranet, international mobile data roaming network, ad-supported free public WiFi, Bluetooth beacon advertising network along with helping most large tech firms establish new markets at one time or another.

Happy Donuts in Notting Hill has been my favourite guilty pleasure for years. Other than adoring their donuts, because who doesn’t, its run by people who love people. Plus its also just far enough from home that nobody spots me eating it (or them!).

Jessica Carlin

I’m Jess, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer! I oversee new business, partnerships and marketing activity.

I have over 15 years in the tech, digital and entertainment space. Former clients include Sony Consumer Electronics, Virgin Media, Freesat, Universal, Disney and Warner Bros. I began my career in film at RealD, before joining Devicescape to head up data and proximity marketing, and eventually co-founding Screen Moguls in 2018. 

As a true Seattlite, I am mostly powered by coffee, so coffee from Coffee Story in Hertfordshire is one of my favourite small businesses, and as movie lover, I can’t get enough of Cobb’s Gourmet Popcorn from Seattle!

Paul Gooch

I’m Paul, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. I’m responsible for both current and future infrastructure and the operational challenges of running a customer facing service.

I have experience in a variety of roles in multiple technologies including process control, Wi-Fi, Mobile, IPS's and Online music services, working for companies such as Reuters, Sony and Sky UK across Operations, development and commercial positions!

My favourite small business is Harbour Fish & Chips, East Grinstead, because the food tastes so good!

Kyle Corliss

I’m Kyle, Co-Founder and CPO. I lead the product team in our goal to simplify the complex ecosystem that is social media marketing into a simple experience for small businesses. 

After studying finance at NYU, I began my career in New York as an investment banking / venture analyst in the digital media sector. Due to my love of movies, I then applied my data modelling expertise to entertainment as the Director of Strategy & Data Analytics at 3D technology firm RealD. I have become an expert in digital ad economics and consumer behaviour, and will continue to strive to break down complex data and ideas into easy-to-understand stories for customers. 

My favourite small business is my local theatre, obviously! Landmark Pico, in LA!

Caitlin Tonge

I’m Caitlin, Marketing Assistant! We’re a small but busy team so I dabble in all things marketing but with a particular focus on social media and market research! 

After I graduated from BCU I spent some time working freelance for small businesses, before moving into a Training & Development role at The Body Shop. This position involved creating training materials for store staff across 65 markets which massively enhanced my copywriting skills and supported my move to Screen Moguls!

My favourite small business is the Shah Jahan, an Indian restaurant in Salisbury. It’s the go-to for all our family celebrations and the customer service is excellent!

Christina Simion

I’m Cristina, the Creative Marketing Assistant. I design the majority of our marketing content, and work heavily in branding! 

After graduating in Digital Media and Communication at University of Westminster, I’ve worked as a content creator for ArtFund and won a creative grant that allowed me to pursue graphic design further, with a focus on marketing. Before joining Screen Moguls, I worked with small brands helping them expand and level up. 

My favourite local small business is LeChevalier, a wine bar in London, where I can enjoy the perfect glass of wine with some fine cheese.

Pranavan Balachandran

I’m Pranavan, Senior Product Developer! I design and create products and solutions for clients and partners. 

After winning a long and gruelling legal battle with the UK Government, I finally was able to concentrate on advancing my career in 2020. I threw myself at every opportunity that came my way. I was one of the top five candidates for a degree level apprenticeship in Data Science at BP, but unfortunately missed out on the position. But every cloud has a silver lining as I landed an internship here at Screen Moguls. Within six months, I had advanced to Senior Product Developer.

My favourite local small business is Papa’s Pizza, in Feltham. A developer, such as myself, essentially runs on nothing but cheap fast food! The 20 minute walk there helps me justify the decision as I can convince myself that I’ve burned more calories getting the pizza.

Twitter @@gomkting

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