Uniting Data And Creativity

Screen Moguls empower consumer brands to identify, engage and measure digital media using leading edge tools and actionable data. 

We don't run  your campaigns, we provide the strategy and tools that enable you, or your agency, to deliver the most effective, measurable campaigns possible. 

We reduce digital media spend by finding customers that want your product or service. We increase the speed and volume of sales along with providing verifiable cross-channel measurement.


Expertise In Location Data

Old fashioned demographic profiles or the narrow lens of online behaviour only tell part of the story. Adding location data allows us to understand what people actually do, and what they are likely to do in the future. 

Using behavioural analysis to identify and engage consumers has proven to increase campaign ROI 2-3x compared with standard media channel tools.

Data Independance

Major media channels do an amazing do at engaging your customers, but they lock re-targeting and measurment data within their ecosystem.

Screen Moguls is committed to providing channel-independent targeting, re-targeting and measurment data, allowing you to mix and move between channels.

Channel Independance

Screen Moguls specialise in making data available across all major digital media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Snapchat, Pinterest and digital radio.

Furthermore using a single set of attribution data across multiple channels allows you to compare apples with apples.

Precision And Scale

Screen Moguls has the largest location data set outside  of Google and Facebook.  Our audiences and insights are drawn from our database of over 52m UK and 200m US consumers. We see billions of data points a month, building one of the most powerful targeting tools on the market. 

Managed & Self-Service Products

GO.TARGET and GO.MEASURE are both available as self-service products via our web portal.  You can build custom audiences and attribution files to use across any digital media campaign.

GO.ENGAGE is available either as a white label or managed self-learning product to automatically deploy and manage  your media campaigns in the most efficient, cost effective way.

Professional Services

Screen Moguls understands data, whether it is location, behavioural, CRM, email or web.

Our team specialises in helping you identify who are the soft targets, how to find them, how to move your data between channels, build your own first party data, measure campaigns and how to optimise efficiency.